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Why Scenting Is Now Part of Marketing Plans

Scent marketing has become very popular because it can influence customer decisions in a positive but discrete way. Businesses scent the air in buildings to create specific moods and environments. Marketing personnel use scenting to harness peoples’ emotional connection with their sense of smell. Suppliers that specialize in commercial fragrance products offer a range of diffusers that allow clients to design unique programs.

Scent Has a Dramatic Effect on People

Influencing customers using scent is an effective marketing tool because smell is one of the most powerful human senses. Emotions are directly linked to smells, both good and bad. Customers’ feelings about an atmosphere can be changed in seconds, just by introducing a universally pleasant odor. Over time certain fragrances also become associated with positive memories, such as the wonderful smell of a chocolate shop.

Marketing With Scent Is a Science

The reason that so many businesses invest time and …

A Scent Machine To Help Ease a Customer’s Feelings

Essential oils have become very popular among many people around the world. Such oils are being used to heal headaches, reduce anxiety and so much more. Many people believe in the power of their scent and invest some money in buying such oils. On a larger scale, many businesses are using a scent machine to infuse their whole office space so that customers can benefit from such oils. Below is a closer look at this technology, as well as learning more about the different options businesses have.

The Different Reasons Business Owners Are Turning To Essential Oils

Research has shown that the sense of smell accounts for 75% of peoples daily emotions. When it comes to businesses, it has shown an increase in sales, an increase in customer satisfaction and an increased in the product’s value by customers. It is believed that scenting triggers memories, as well as influencing a …