Helpful Tips for Prolonging the Life of Laser Tubes

Laser cutters are some of the most used machines in the metal fabrication industry. These machines allow fabricators to make detailed cuts in a relatively short amount of time. Just like any other tool used in a metal fabricator’s shop, eventually, laser cutters will require maintenance and repair.

Among the most important parts of this machine is the laser tube. These tubes help to provide the power needed for a fabricator to make their cuts. The following are some of the ways a person can extend the life of their laser tubes.

Check the Power Rating on the Tube

The first thing a metal fabricator needs to do when trying to extend the life of their laser tubes is to check the power rating before making a purchase. Each laser cutter is different in regards to the laser tubes it needs to function properly. Failing to check the power rating needed can lead to a fabricator burning through laser tubes on a regular basis.

If the fabricator is unsure about what type of tubes their machine needs, they will need to contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer should have no problem providing a fabricator with this information.

Keeping the Tubes Clean

One of the most common mistakes a fabricator can make regarding the upkeep of their laser tubes is failing to keep them clean. If the mirrors and lenses around the tubes are dirty, it can cause a 13% reduction in the power they have. The longer a fabricator waits to clean their tubes and mirrors, the more problems it will inevitably cause.

Taking the time to clean these elements after each cut is a great idea. This type of maintenance will help to extend the life of the tubes and increase the efficiency the laser cutter has with ease.

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