Pool repair in Bucks and Montgomery County

As pools begin to age, they will require occasional repairs. Pools can crack, chip, have hollow spots or have issues with the plumbing system. If left untreated, the pool’s structure may become damaged. Most in-ground pools last between 25 and 30 years. With regular maintenance, the pool can be expected to last even up to 50 years. When owners are faced with repairs needing to be done on the pool, it is important for them to act quickly to prevent further damage.

Pool Repairs

When damage is found in a pool, some repairs can be seemingly simple. Cracks and chips can be fixed with a plaster patch. After the crack is smoothed, the patch can be applied. After the patch is applied, the pool is refilled and ready to go. The entire pool plaster is replaced to enhance appearance and reduce the roughness. When the entire pool’s plaster is replaced, it can also cover any cracks or chips.

Pool repair in Bucks and Montgomery County is much easier with vinyl pool liners. Vinyl pool liners can last up to 30 years. Pool liners are the least expensive option when it comes to repairs. The liner is picked out by the customer then technicians will install it. Once the old liner is removed, technicians will inspect the structure of the pool. If any repairs need to be made, this is when they will be done. The liner will be stretched and fitted over the pool, making sure there are no wrinkles. Once this is complete, they will begin to fill the pool.

Plumbing Issues

Pool owners face circulation problems with their pools. Sometimes the pump is not big enough to properly circulate the water. Other issues they face are problems with the filtration system. If the pool has clogged plumbing, it is not allowing the entire pool to be cleaned in a timely manner. If this occurs, the pool pump will need to run more. By simply fixing the pump or filtration system, the pool owner could save hundreds of dollars.

With regular maintenance and repairs being done on the pool, they can last longer than their expected life.