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A Guide To Creating DIY Logos

Small business owners can relate to the need to save money in their businesses. By creating their logos, these businesses are cutting costs of running their businesses. Luckily for small business owners, the making of a logo is not hard and can be done with a few tips. There are proven tips that can make the creation of logos quite simple. In this article we will focus on some of those tips to making a good logo.

First, you need to know the brand of your business because your logo should be designed in a manner that will communicate your brand to the public. I believe that logos are a graphic representation of what the business is all about. If you do not know your brand then you will have difficulty coming up with a logo that is relevant or authentic to your business. It is thus advisable to have a good knowledge of your brand before you make a logo.

You may prefer logos that are straightforward compared to the more elaborate ones. A perfect example would be a business that sells wedding cakes. Their logo would simply include the name of the business and an image of a wedding cake such that when someone looks at the logo they know that the business is for specifically selling wedding cakes.

Your logo does not have to include images you may choose to have logo that only has texts. You will be surprised at how effective these logos are. It all comes down to the graphics of the logo. The first thing you need to ensure is that the choice of fonts and sizes will enable the text to be readable. You need to pick a font that reflects your brand such that if you are known for elegance, then your font choice should show that. Normally, when text-only logos are made they only include the name of the business.

It is important to note that color is crucial when it comes to DIY logos. You need to have a logo that has not more than three colors. By so doing, you will enjoy the benefits of color on a logo without overloading the brain with so many colors. When a logo has many colors, it looks so busy. If you are a sports team then you will considerably save money by using few colors in your logo because the printing charges go up when there are so many items; so printing of clothing items may be dramatically high.

With these guidelines you can confidently create your logo.